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Canada Fund

What the Canada Fund is and what it funds?

The Canada Fund (CF) is one of the most effective ways that Canada, through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), provides funds to small, grassroots projects in various countries, including Russia. Administered by the Canadian Embassy in Moscow, the Canada Fund responds to proposals from local communities and NGOs that reflect their needs, and therefore, advance social, democratic and economic reforms, or alleviate hardships. Thus, the nature and the type of projects have evolved over the years to reflect the changing needs of the population and the changing times in Russia. Although the focus of projects has varied since the outset, the goal of the Canada Fund remains the same: to support the poor and the disadvantaged in their struggle towards self-reliance.

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Gender Equality Fund

The Gender Equality Project is a Fund to support Russia organizations working in the area of gender equality. The project provides sub-project funding that:
a). Assist with institutional capacity building;
b). Strengthen civil society through the support of networks of organizations addressing gender inequalities and
c). Provide awareness raising in the regions with regard to human/women's rights.
The project is intended to support organizations such as NGOs, academic institutions, advocacy and policy groups, as well as government bodies.

For more details, visit Gender Fund web page >>>

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