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Храм св.Василия Блаженного в Москве
Canada in the World

For providing official development assistance, Canada's purpose is "to support sustainable development initiatives in developing countries, in order to reduce poverty and contribute to a more secure, equitable and prosperous world".

Development cooperation concentrates on six program priorities:

  • basic human needs
  • women in development
  • infrastructure services
  • human rights, democracy and good governance
  • private sector development
  • the environment

The objective is to work with developing countries and countries in transition to develop the tools to eventually meet their own needs.

Canada provides assistance to Russia, countries in Central and Eastern Europe and elsewhere in the former Soviet Union through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), a Department of the Canadian Government.

Canada's principal interests with regard to Russia can be summarized as:

  • Preservation of global security and stability, which depend on a stable, prosperous, and cooperative Russia;
  • Cooperation on issues of bilateral interest such as the environment and northern development;
  • Promotion of democratic values and a market-based economy.

Since the pursuit of these interests depends on the success of reform in Russia, the technical cooperation program focuses sharply on supporting the process of reform within Russia.

Project work in Russia is very different from that in CIDA's traditional partner-countries. Conventional approaches to technical cooperation may be of limited relevance given Russia's advanced level of education, technology and industrial development. Reform in the context of a middle-income country in transition like Russia differs significantly from development in lower-income developing countries. Within the limited resources available, the technical cooperation program will continue to address the following three program objectives:

  • to assist Russia's transition to a market-based economy;
  • to promote Russia's democratic development (good governance, democratic institutions, and civil society);
  • to facilitate economic cooperation

CIDA's activities in Russia centre around helping our Russian partners to marshal their own human, natural and financial resources to meet the challenges of transition. The operationalization of this mandate includes elements of policy development, capacity development through the transfer of skills and know-how, and assistance to rationalize resource allocation.

While predominantly responsive in nature, the Russia program may also be pro-active in initiating certain key projects.

The most important lesson learned after a decade of programming in Russia is the importance of a strong partnership between the Canadian and Russian partners. The Russian partner must be a viable and committed institution, and partnerships are encouraged across the whole of Russia and at all levels of government and society.

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